ECM is an engineering company founded in 1990 and his mission is to design and manifacture complete systems and components for enviromental, energy, handling and storage plants.

We are specialist in polluted from chemicals process, metal and glass fournaces,waste to energy and every type of industrial processes.

More than 20 years of experience have also enabled us to approch industrial boilers and waste to energyboilers constructors and users to supply equipment for ash removing, handling, storage and descharging and also storage , dosing, pneumatic transport and handling of limestone, sands and other additives for fluidized bed combustors.
Our Know-how in a wide range of fields,from steel production to glass making, from chemicals to textiles.

ecm engineering costruzione montaggi

From energy production to the mechanical industry enable us to approach you as a reliable and trustworthy potential partner for the solution of your problems.
We can garantee satisfaction, and are often, called in when the other have given up without achieving the required results.

Since 2003 E.C.M. S.r.l. has ISO 9001 certification.

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