Green Vision is a corporate policy characterized by respect for the environment, with sustainable development and renewable energies as the basis for all activities.

By means of this policy, we undertake to work towards eco-efficient use of natural resources, for energy savings based on renewable resources, for the control and reduction of emissions into the atmosphere harmful for both this and for humans, for the introduction in industrial processes of all the most ground-breaking techniques able to safeguard the ecosystem.

By adopting the GREEN VISION policy, ECM, which already designs and manufactures machines and plants used for environmental protection and the production of energy from renewable sources, undertakes to pursue a business, design, production and research policy with the concepts expressed above as its guidelines, with even greater determination 

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Green Vision - how it can be achieved

To translate the GREEN VISION concept into practical and concrete operative terms, ECM undertakes to:

  • Identify, for all its products, the technical features able to achieve the least possible energy consumption.
  • Study technical solutions allowing the use of materials obtained with production processes that reduce the use of minerals, fossils and reuse recycled materials.
  • Constantly improve the technical features of our products so as to prevent polluting dusts and gases from dispersing in the environment.
  • Direct our business effort towards products and plants able to produce clean and renewable energy, necessary for reducing atmospheric pollution.
  • Motivate our personnel and involve them in sharing the Companyís policy and the concepts listed above.
  • Invest a considerable portion of the companyís resources in research and development so as to achieve ongoing improvements in quality and technological innovation, with eco-efficient goals. 

ecm engineering costruzione montaggi

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